Post-release feelings

It feels freeing and different to have Martian be out in the world for everyone to hear. 

Releasing music is always an interesting journey. I used to feel pretty insecure about any of the music I released. I felt like I couldn't trust myself to know what sounded good, and I wasn't even sure I would listen to what I was putting out if I was in my friends' shoes. I had a feeling like I knew how to write songs (I do), but I didn't actually know how they sounded to anyone else. 

With Martian, I feel a definite shift. I know that the music sounds good, and I even want to listen to it. I also decided to have someone else master it (bless you, Elisa, if you ever read this), which makes a world of difference. One of my personal obstacles is getting over the feeling that I have to be able to take care of everything myself, and that I should be able to get by without needing help from other people. This is absolutely an impossible frame of mind to use to complete a project like an EP (or anything, ever), if you ask me. The conception of the songs, the production, mixing, and then mastering are all processes with different challenges. Then after the creative part, there is the work of getting people to actually listen and connect with the work!! 

I'm still trying to figure out that last part. In the new year, I am enlisting the help of someone to submit a single from the EP to radio stations and blogs. I was going to do it myself, but I decided that with school and work and given that I lack experience formally submitting to radio/blogs, it would take a load off my shoulders to get some help. I'll report back with how it all goes! Maybe you'll see some new promo shots... or a new lyric video... at some point... :)

The response to the project has honestly been super amazing for me as well. I feel so supported by friends, listeners who are just acquaintances, and other artists who have made space for Martian in their hearts. I do hope that I am able to reach more people with it somehow. It feels like a big personal shift to say that I want more people to hear it. If there's anything that I feel proud of from 2020, it's that I have a new perspective about myself as an artist and my art's place in the world. 

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