Drip - the process

Drip is a song about sex. It's a song about sex being messy, and feeling weird because of my needs. It's a song about needing closeness and intimacy. It's a song about enjoying the messiness and goo. 

This song has actually been through a lot of versions!!

I initially wrote this song completely without an instrument, lying in bed, and added the chords later. The first version of the song you can listen to below is a cappella.

When I sat down to record it, I created the second version you can listen to below. The rhythm of the verse is a little different, there are slightly different drums (Logic drummer without many edits), and there is quite a bit more vocoder happening. Listening back, there are aspects I like better about this version. What do you think? 

The third version is... wild. There's that synth that is trying to be epic, and some really interestingly placed vocal echos... I have no idea what is going on there to be honest.

The last version is the unmastered mix that ended up as the final version! I edited the rhythm of the vocal melody so it fits with the groove of the bass line a bit better, and added some vocals at the end, and slightly different drum sounds!! 

And that is the story of how drip came to be. 




Lovely days in my bed

Making love without dreading 

Feeling lost in the thread of the motion

Darker days, feeling blue

Getting lost, telling you

Letting go when I know we can work through

We can work through the rush

We can work with the touch

We can learn to let go if it's too much



When you're in love with my type of life

A Martian in the light

You might need an appetite

Baby, let me bite you

Wanna know you'll be there when I trip, trip, trip, trip

Want you right over here when I drip, drip, drip


Dripping all over you

Getting covered in goo

Touching tongues with the sweet residue

Fingers trace silky lines

Interlace yours with mine

Make me feel like I might be your kind




My silky smooth might be strange

My need for touch, a wider range

Sometimes bright, sometimes deep

Sometimes going right to sleep

Sometimes need you there to watch me weep



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